Let me introduce myself im Eray Filipov.
Born and raised in Bulgaria – Varna.
Im Professional Photographer and Videographer.
I shoot mainly weddings.I mooved in Germany in 2014 so i can develop my photography skills .
I was in Bulgaria when i start like photographer i did some competitions and i did like it and untill now i cant even imagine to stop.
I shoot at first with Nikon d40x i was in my first competition with this camera and i shot my city Varna the sand watch.
The picture which i did was pretty nice and after one month of shooting it some people call me and ask me can i go to competition with this photo and ofcourse i did say yes.
I was there with some of the best Photographers in Bulgaria for landscapes i never believed that i can go so further when i just started.
Before i realise i took second place in whole Bulgaria and that was really good achievement for me.
Then after that i wanted to moove in Germany and i did at first was hard for me to open a studio here to do some shots ,because i was scared of doing that.
But eventually i did open it and after this years saving money for gear now im wedding photographer and videographer.